Akashic Records – What are they?

The Akashic records have been around since the beginning.  They are the recorded history of every thought, action, and deed of every soul since that soul left the un-manifest to go out and experience.

The Akashic records have been referred to in every spiritual book and used by prophets, Kings, and their advisors.  But what are they exactly?

They are an energetic pattern, a frequency like a tuning fork vibration.  When toned down, they are pictures captured in light and hold the feeling of an event so it may be viewed again as a learning tool.

The more interesting questions to most people are:

How can I access them?

What can I learn from them?

Are there any limits?

Can anyone access them?

How much training does it take?

Do you have to qualify somehow?

Accessing requires only two keys.  One key is a sacred prayer and the other key is a name.   Armed with these two keys, what you can learn from the records is unlimited.  Anyone with these two keys can receive as much information as they have time to access.

Now just because you have the key to the library doesn’t mean you know instantly all the information stored in the books.  You still have to learn the rules of the librarian.  In this case the rules are few but firm.  You have to

1.      Ask clear and specific questions in order to receive the answers

2.      The questions has to apply to the name you used as a key to gain entrance

So now you have your prayer, your name, and your questions.

Let us take a look at your questions.  Most people would like to know their purpose here but make the mistake of asking ‘do I have a purpose here?’  This only receives them a yes or no answer instead of the description of what they came here to do, why they choose this life time to do it, and the options of careers through which to accomplish their purpose.

When making your lists of questions, be sure you know the basis answer for which you’re looking.  In the above example the intent of the question is to find out what the purpose is while on the planet this lifetime.  Double check to see if that is what really is being asked?

Questioning and answers may look like this: What is my purpose here this lifetime? You came here to learn about Unconditional Love and how to express it.

How do I go about doing that? By being aware of your actions and noticing if you have any expectations for showing kindness to others.  Notice if others have given freely their time and affection or if they expect to get something in return.  This gives you the opportunity to separate actions that look like unconditional love from manipulative acts.  Once you can see the difference between unconditional love and manipulative acts, you will be able to notice them quickly and won’t mistake one for the other.

The whole purpose of having access to the records and using them on a regular basis is to assist you in staying in the present moment. By staying in the present moment you can catch yourself before you say or do something hurtful to yourself or another person. By making decisions from the present moment instead of repeating past patterns, you come from choice with your actions.  Coming from choice always empowers you.

Give yourself the powerful and sacred gift of accessing your personal Akashic Records.  Having direct access to your personal records will provide you a deep spiritual connection within yourself and provide you soul level healing and Wisdom for your life today.

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